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Social media websites, you've all heard of them, you probably even use some of them, and that means your website visitors probably do as well. The question is, are your visitors using social media to benefit you? If you don’t know the answer, it's safe to assume that the answer is no. Notice the social media buttons on the left of the screen? Clicking those will share this page, and its content is a structured social media posts or email. Every day people share pages across all forms of social media because they find it meaningful and helpful!   

Your strongest social media tool is not merely you, it's your visitors! Social media shares are widely overlooked in the world of web design and SEO, but it's critical. Google's current search algorithm actually is able to see social media posts shared from your website, and is able to show them directly in search results. The shares also help validate to search engines the content of your site is valuable and worth the read. 

With great content, simple follow and share buttons can boost sharing up to 22%!

Social Share

 Last year alone, ShareThis, an industry leader in social media share buttons for websites, recorded over 943million shares with over 17 billion clicks on those shares! ShareThis was actually able to predict the outcome of the election simply by looking at the content that was shared through their service, and their results were pretty close. Check it out here. Their service and other like it have sent billions of visitors to millions of websites with simple share buttons, well-formatted content and, most importantly, properly structured website tags. 

 What the heck is a website tag? A Website tag, usually know as a meta tag, is a specialized field for data that allows social media site like Facebook and Twitter to create well-structured posts that contain the description and images you actually want them too. Clicking any of our share buttons will let you see what we mean, there is an image and title that matches this page's information. 

  Every website we create has share buttons and appropriately structured content that is easy to edit from anywhere! Already have a website you happy with but want share buttons installed? Let us know, and we can help you get all set up!