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Design - Develop - Deploy

Today, many web designers help you implement web templates that have been used many times before and lack originality. At K&R we do things differently. We work with you to first create a design that is distinctly you. We then take this new design and develop it into a full working website, written from the ground up, to perfectly match your needs. Once the site is finished it is deployed to our state of the art servers and made available to the world. We work with you though every stage of this process to make the website that you need and your visitors want.

Our 3 Step Process

Step 1:

When designing a website first all items pertaining to your brand must be found or created. This includes you companies colors, text styles, and overall design principles. If you do not already have these, we can help you create them, for more on branding, learn about our branding service here.

Step 2: Develop

We don't use templates, we don't buy code, and we definitely don't use a drag and drop website builder, everything we build, we build from the ground up. Our websites get top scores on GTMetrix and Google PageScore for a reason.

Step 3: Deploy

Once your website is built and approved it needs to be made accessible to world, well, at least to your clients and visitors. To do this requires a web host that is affordable, easy to use, and can handle all of your user traffic without crashing, leaving your website inaccessible. Our hosting service offers all of this, making your life easy.

Our Web Services


Our content management solution allows you to edit every aspect of your site quickly and easily from any device.

Mobile Ready Sites

We build our sites to be responsive, this means they are able to be used on any device on the market. This includes anything from TVs to Smartphones.


Our SEO optimizations put you at the top of most search queries meaning that people will find you without issue. Increasing web traffic and making it easy for potential clients to find you for their needs.


Whether you already own a domain, want to transfer your domain, or if you need to buy a new one, we've got you covered!

Branded Email

Make your business look professional with custom emails that put your brand front and center!


Want to sell your products? Got product variations? Worried about pricey monthly fees? We got you covered, check out what we can do for Ecommerce here.

Lets Get In Touch

Schedule a consultation today to learn more on what we will be able to do for you!

The stats say it all!

Our site's scores are some of the highest out there, try it for yourself and compare it to your current site to see what you could be getting.